Best Way to Galapagos Islands

1 There are two ways to get there.


  • First one is taking airplane from Quito (Capital city of Ecuador).
  • Second one is taking airplane from Guayaquil (the nearest big city)

As i know, There is only one air company ‘Aerogal’ for the Galapagos and it always stopover at Guayaquil.
So, if you want to save your money, It’s better to start from Guayaquil. But not every airlines stop at Guayaquil, so you chould check the airline that carry you to Ecuador.
I choose the way from Guayaquil and there were not may thing to do.

and maybe there are two more options.

  • Arrive at Quito and take bus to the Guayaquil
  • Take boat!

2 How to buy tickets to Galapagos islands?

You can buy it from Aerogal website.
In high season, It would be hard to get it. so, I recommend that you buy it in advance. (at leat a week before)