How to keep your photos safe when you travel

It’s always big burden to store your photos safe when you on the road. It’s more serious problem for long-term traveler.
because there is a lot of possibilities. Someone can rob your camera, it can broken itself or you just lost the camera yourself.
Whatever it was, if you lose your photos that contains all about your memory, that lead you to hell.

So, What’s the best way to keep your photos safe?

  1. Back up your photos after every small trip. Use USB (it’s speedy and you can use it in every internet cafe), You may needs several USB sticks.
  2. If USB stick get full of photos, Make A DVD(or CD instead). (You can do this in most of ?internet cafes)
  3. Post your DVD to Home.
  4. Travel with your light body and soul 🙂

It’s the best way that i learned on the trip!

more tips:

– Put your “back up” into different bag form your camera bag. (then, you don’t have to worry about your photos when you lost your camera in case)

– Upload your photos on Facebook, Flickr or Picasa (Even though it takes so much time, you can share it with your buddy)